In this video Dr. Blanche Grube gives her professional opinion of tooth bleaching and how it may affect the patients overall health. I want to thank you and your wonderful staff for the amazing care I received during my procedures at your practice. This is a very interesting video for all new parents. It deals with the topic of thumb sucking and how it may result in a child with a higher IQ. Watch this video on how to correctly detox through DRY SKIN BRUSHING It is an interview and conversation with Dr. Olympio Pinto recorded in the summer of 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dr. Pinto was the mentor of Dr. Hal Huggins and Dr. Huggins is Dr. Grube's mentor. In January Dr. Blanche Grube taught a class of Dentists from Japan, China and Brazil the Grube-Huggins protocol in Colorado Springs Dr. Blanche D. Grube Mission Statement Dr. Blanche D. Grube has been in private practice at her Scranton, PA office for three decades holistic dentistry center, scranton, pa