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Jan 28 Blogpost 037 – Mercury and Genetic Repair

Blogpost 037 – Mercury and Genetic Repair

Dear friends of Centers for Healing,

The effect mercury has on the human body is bad news. Mercury’s ability to mutate DNA is worse news. But, there’s even worse news.

DNA Transcriptase

By this point, you know that our body is a pretty amazing piece of machinery, biochemical and otherwise, both in design and in execution. Left to its own devices and given the proper environmental aids, the body can heal itself of quite a lot of diseases.

Take the common cold. For most of us, it’s just a passing annoyance. But, just imagine how deadly it would be if we didn’t have a finely-tuned immune system that knew precisely how to deal with something like a cold?

The Body’s Genetic Repair Mechanism

Well, this ability to heal extends even down to our genetic structure.

By way of a quick microbiology lesson, DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is something like the biochemical guide, or blueprint, that every living organism carries within it, enabling it to live and function according to its nature. RNA, or ribonucleic acid, is the mechanism that enables that natural living and functioning. So, DNA and RNA, working together, are like the mapthat tells you where to go and the motor that gets you there.

Remember our discussion a few posts back on the importance of enzymes? Well, our bodies naturally produce a particular enzyme, called transcriptase, whose sole purpose is to allow us to make a copy of our DNA by using our RNA. So, transcriptase is the body’s genetic repair mechanism.

Transcriptase permits us to make corrections to our genetic makeup in the case of epigenetic damage (think back to last week’s post). The process is analogous to using a program to restore your computer’s hard drive and then using an external disc to back up everything, so you have a complete copy of all your settings and content for transferring to a new machine.

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Enter Mercury

So far, so good. But, mercury loves protein, remember? Well, all enzymes are composed of protein, having sulfyhdryl bonds. And, transcriptase is an enzyme. So, what do you think mercury does to transcriptase? You guessed it: it attacks it. And, once trascriptase’s sulfydryl bond is attacked, then our genetic repair mechanisms get shut down. At that point, my friends, we’re in big trouble: rowing with no paddles, against the current, under heavy rain, and in a boat with a leak in the hull. I trust you get the picture.

So, if last week’s news about mercury’s potential for epigenetic mutation was darker than the very serious harm it does to our immune system, then this present discussion of mercury’s destruction of our body’s DNA transcriptase is the darkest news of all.

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Bringing It Home

Again, here’s homey comparison, just to make sure you understand the severity of the issue. You have a broken pipe in your kitchen (i.e., mercury’s immunological and epigenetic damage). So, you call a plumber (i.e., DNA transcriptase). Only, just as the plumber is pulling into your driveway, you go out and shoot him before he even gets out of his truck (mercury’s destruction of DNA transcriptase). “Genetic suicide” might sound a little melodramatic, but the term is not too far from the mark.

So, what’s the moral of the story? It’s simple. If you don’t have any mercury in your mouth from dental amalgam, then don’t let anyone put it there! On the other hand, if you do haveamalgam, then you need to think seriously about having it properly removed.

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Always working for a healthier, happier you,

Dr. Blanche D. Grube
Dr. Grube is a pioneer in the fields of integrative medicine and biological dentistry.

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