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Blogpost 057 – Convalescence

Dear friends, Incubational. Prodromal. Acute. These are the first three stages of infection, and we’ve considered them one-by-one. By way of a quick review: the incubational phase is when the bug moves in, checking out the neighborhood and surrounding countryside. The prodromal phase, meanwhile, is when that visitor turns out to have been an opportunistic squatter who now invites… Read More Blogpost 057 – Convalescence

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Blogpost 026 – Holes In Your Head – Dr. Blanche Grube

Blogpost 026 – Holes In Your Head Dear friends of Centers for Healing, After so much discussion of nutrition in general – and apiary products in particular – it’s time to turn our attention back to some specific dental issues faced by today’s patients. Cavities and Cavitations: What’s the Difference? Unfortunately, cavities are pretty familiar… Read More Blogpost 026 – Holes In Your Head – Dr. Blanche Grube