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Blogpost 057 – Convalescence

Dear friends, Incubational. Prodromal. Acute. These are the first three stages of infection, and we’ve considered them one-by-one. By way of a quick review: the incubational phase is when the bug moves in, checking out the neighborhood and surrounding countryside. The prodromal phase, meanwhile, is when that visitor turns out to have been an opportunistic squatter who now invites… Read More Blogpost 057 – Convalescence


Blogpost 056 – From Invasion to Occupation

Dear friends, Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen the incubational and prodromal phases of infection. In the first, initial contact is made between the infectious agent and its host, without the manifestation of symptoms. In the second, early symptoms begin appearing, due to the infector’s multiplication within the body. Still, “infection proper” has yet to begin. You’ll recall… Read More Blogpost 056 – From Invasion to Occupation


Blogpost 055 – The Prodromal Phase of Infection

Dear friends, In our last post, we began a discussion of infection and what are commonly considered it four distinct phases. By way of a quick review, these are: The incubational phase The prodromal phase The acute phase The convalescent phase The incubational phase, as you’ll recall, is that period of time from initial contact with an infectious agent – be it bacterial, viral, or otherwise – and… Read More Blogpost 055 – The Prodromal Phase of Infection